Monday, December 20, 2010

One year after the Fort Hood shootings, a copy-cat?

This from the Department of Homeland Security's Daily Open SOurce Infrastructure Report for 20 December 2010:

Major Nidal Malik Hasan: an officer and a jihadist: since 9/11, numerous Muslims living in america have taken the path of violent jihadism, a path also ... An article from: The New American
December 16, Associated Press – (North Carolina) Soldier held in shooting at NC
base; no injuries. Military officials said a soldier suspected in a shooting December 16
at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina in which no one was hurt has been caught.
The base had been on lockdown while authorities searched for the suspect, but a base
spokesman said that was no longer the case December 17. According to a news release
from the base, the shooting was a domestic incident that happened around 8:45 p.m. A
single gunshot was fired inside one of the base’s residences. The base said the incident
involved a Fort Bragg soldier assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. The base said the
suspect was later detained by Fort Bragg military authorities. The military did not
release additional details.

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