Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday wishes from the Student Veterans Association

During this holiday, families across the world will gather together to celebrate the holiday season. We are also a family who'se members are spread across our great country, and globe.

Extended, our student Veteran family is unique in that, among us, we share a special and common bond. We all understand the inherent sacrifices and hardships which define our individual and shared military service. Moreover, we are blessed to be able to celebrate together the heritage and legacy of hope which our Veteran status represents to our Nation.

Freedom is at the center of this celebration. We have the freedom to choose the manner of our customs, traditions, or types of celebration the holiday season may bring. We are able to do so because our nation's military, whose courage, honor, and sometimes total sacrifice, unwavering and unquestioned, is constantly securing those blessings of freedom and liberty. Our nation is stronger as a result of this duty and honor for country.

Additionally, as men and women a world away stand on the front lines in defense of our nation, take a moment to remember them. They cannot be with their families; however, they are members of ours. As Veterans, once standing where they do now, this holiday season let's remind everyone to honor and hold dear all the freedoms and personal liberties their service affords our nation.

This holiday, on behalf of everyone in the Student Veterans of America Family, I wish to extend to you and yours the most sincere greetings of joy and happiness.

Jeremy Glasstetter National President
Dan Sewell National Vice President
Andrea Werner National Secretary

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The Academic Achievement of Veteran and Nonveteran Students.

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