Monday, December 27, 2010

Package bombs arrive in two embassies in Rome

This, too, from the FBI's 12/27 Infragard alert:

24. December 23, Associated Press - (International) Blasts at 2 embassies in Rome; 2 hurt. Rome's police chief says all embassies have been informed about a pair of package bombs that exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies, injuring two people who opened them. The police chief spoke to reporters as he arrived December 23 at the Chilean embassy, where witnesses say an explosion was heard shortly after 3 p.m. One person was injured. Three hours earlier, a package bomb exploded inside an office in the Swiss Embassy, wounding the staffer who opened it. He was taken to the hospital with serious hand injuries but his life is not in danger, the Swiss ambassador said. The police chief also said a suspicious package found at the Ukrainian embassy turned out to be a false alarm. The Italian Foreign Minister condemned what he called a "deplorable act of violence," and offered Italy's solidarity with the embassy staff and the victim. There have been growing concerns in Europe about holiday season attacks following a suicide bombing in Sweden and security services' fears of an assault on a European city modeled on the deadly shooting spree in Mumbai, India. Source:

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