Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Jersey Criminal Justice Educators' Annual Conference Set

Dear Sirs and Madams of NJACJE,

My name is Harry Rhea and I am the Richard Stockton of College of NJ’s representative to the NJACJE. I had the privelage of seeing you at the December 10th meeting last week.

After discussion on the topic of the spring conference, I sent an email to my colleagues. There are 13 full-time faculty in our criminal justice program – many with expertise in Homeland Security. We have an undergraduate consentation as well as a Masters track in Homeland Security. The topic plays a significant role in our program. In the email to my colleagues, I informed them of the conference and advised them to go to the NJACJE webpage to find more information regarding the conference. Within minutes I received multiple emails asking more about the conference and why information has not been posted. How should I explain this to them? Also, on Thursday, there is an MACJ meeting with faculty and students concerning Homeland Security issues. This would be a great time to tell them how to find out more information. Should I inform faculty to contact Charlie and James to discuss possible specifics? If I may, I advise that at least a call for presentations be posted on the Conference’s webpage.

Best regards,



Harry M. Rhea

Assistant Professor

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

PO Box 195

Jimmie Leeds Road

Pomona, NJ 08240-0195

tele: + 1 609 626 6877

fax: + 1 609 626 5559

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