Thursday, December 23, 2010

How far would North Korea go?

This from Reuters today:

(Reuters) - North Korea threatened a nuclear "sacred war" on Thursday and South Korea vowed a "merciless counterattack" if it was attacked again as both sides raised the rhetoric on a day of more military exercises in the South.

South Korea's land and sea exercises prompted North Korea, which has threatened to reduce the South to ashes on many occasions, to denounce its richer neighbor as a warmonger.

On one hand, if North Korea goes nuclear, China and the US are likely allies in crushing the rogue country. On the other, international crises --- up to and including war --- have always served as "solutions" for failed states no longer able to meet their domestic needs. And that sure seems to describe North Korea.

(And here it is, almost Christmas Eva. Ho, Ho, Ho!)

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