Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gulf Coast Leadership COnference in the offiing

Dear James O.,

You are invited to participate in the Gulf Coast Leadership Summit, scheduled on April 19 - 21, 2011 during the first anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. The Summit will be held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, site of the first hearing of the National Oil Spill Commission.

To register: Click here to respond Government officials, military officials, and diplomats register for free for all three days. Registration for the April 19, 2011 program is free for all registrants.

In recent years, the five states of the U.S. Gulf Coast have been slammed by major hurricanes and by a major oil disaster. The people, businesses, institutions, and environment of the Gulf Coast continue to be affected by these disasters. But there is also a major opportunity to chart a better future. Especially with the billions of dollars being spent in the region by BP and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and billions more expected to be provided to the region by BP oil spill fines.

The Gulf Coast Leadership Summit brings together large and small businesses; investors from throughout the U.S. and around the world; local, state, and federal government officials; military bases; nonprofit organizations and professional associations; celebrities interested in making a difference; and the media to empower a better future for the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The vision of the Summit is to bring together everyone who wants a better future for the U.S. Gulf Coast. For individuals, this means seeing what new jobs the Summit has to offer. For small businesses, it means identifying additional oil spill compensation and other resources needed to rebuild and expand. For local and state economic development officials, it means listening to and meeting investors from around the country and beyond, interested in investing in new economic sectors in the five U.S. Gulf States. For local and state emergency management officials, it means identifying the latest and most effective solutions to prepare for and respond to future disasters, including more oil spills and future hurricanes.

The Summit features general sessions, break-out sessions, an exhibition, press conferences, and networking opportunities.

April 19, 2011 Program (FREE FOR ALL)

The Summit program on April 19 features the latest information on the impact of the BP oil spill on people, businesses, and the environment. Experts from Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas will provide individuals with details on the latest opportunities for jobs. And government and business leaders will provide small businesses with details on additional oil spill compensation and other resources. This day is organized as a public service and is free to all.

April 20, 2011 Program (Free for government, military, diplomats; fees for corporate, nonprofit, association, and education attendees)

The Summit program on April 20 features local, state, and federal officials listening to presentations from a wide variety of investors, interested in expanding in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Investors making presentations will represent the television and motion picture industry; the renewable energy industry, including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and ocean energy; companies producing environmental technologies, interested in new locations in the Gulf Coast; major infrastructure projects, such as high-speed rail; companies producing disaster response solutions, interested in new locations in the Gulf Coast; and foreign companies seeking new locations in the Gulf Coast for new manufacturing operations. The April 20 program will also feature presentations to local, state, and federal officials on the latest disaster response technologies and solutions.

April 21, 2011 Program (Invitation Only)

The Summit program on April 21 features working sessions for leaders representing Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, providing an opportunity to develop roadmaps for each of the five states. The roadmaps will serve as a powerful plan to empower a better future for the people of the five states.

You may register for the entire event; for one day only; or for a combination of two days. Registration is complimentary - as a public service - for all government officials, the military, and diplomats. Various fees, to cover Summit expenses, are charged to corporate, nonprofit, association, and education registrants - a substantial discount applies if you register by December 24, 2010.

To register: Click here to respond

If you have an interest in Summit sponsorship, exhibiting, or speaking, please contact us via email at info@leadershipforum.us

The Summit is produced by the Gulf Coast Leadership Forum (www.leadershipforum.us). The Summit organizers have worked for years trying to improve the lives of the people of the U.S. Gulf Coast, producing four national Katrina reconstruction conferences and two national oil spill disaster response conferences.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards,

Gulf Coast Leadership Forum
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