Sunday, August 10, 2014

University Administrators and Faculty: Don't miss my Webinar on Managing your International Student Population

Register with your team here:

Who should sign up:

If you are a DSO, this will be too basic for you.  BUT you may want to have the people to whom you report; faculty and staff who are interested/involved in international-student issues; and other important players in your campus community join you for the webinar, followed by a discussion you lead.

If you are a responsible administrator, public safety director, faculty member concerned/involved with international students... then this is the webinar at the right level for you.

Deans who participate in approving OPT/CPT employment; career counselors who help place international students in internships; supervisors who employ international students on campus:

I am my university's PDSO and Responsible Official for F-1 and J-1 visas.  Under my leadership, my university was one of the first to achieve initial SEVIS certification.  In the succeeding dozen years, I've supervised our Center for International Education and I think I've just about seen it all.
I hope you will join me on August 26th at 1:00PM EDT for this great webinar presentation.

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