Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is revolution really in the air?

Uncle Sam - personification of US
Uncle Sam - personification of US (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This commentator seems to think so:

For him, Uncle Sam is the devil.  But is he right?  Or are the great global corporations the real culprits?  That's the premise of a new novel I've just started reading:


My concern is with these global giants.  Here's my (not too paranoid, I hope) theory:

The big corporations used to rely on the North American and European markets.  But Asia is rapidly outstripping us by virtue of the shear size of the market, as well as the rise of its very own middle class. For the global business giants, it's simply a better business model to permit the American middle class to decline to a level on average with the its new Asian counterpart.  Overall and on average, the globalized corporation comes out on top.

To the extent that Uncle Sam has become a pawn of these global corporate interests --- read the bailout of Wall Street; the Citizens United decision; the needless war in Iraq, to cite a few prime examples --- I agree with the "Personal Liberty" essayist.

If the Occupy folks and the Tea Partiers ever understand that they have more common ground than they have differences, then, yes, a revolution might be in the offing.

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