Friday, October 14, 2011

Maxwell Swart (not Smart)'s Horrific Predictions for 2012

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Dear Jim Castagnera,

Please find below a special message from our friend Maxwell Swart. He has some important information to share with you.

Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, Personal Liberty Alerts™
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™

Horrific Predictions
For 2012...

From: Maxwell Swart — Independent American Researcher
Date: Friday 10/14/11

Dear Fellow American,

The US government has been lying to you.

I wish I could say that the government was just keeping the secret because they’re incompetent...

But no one can miss how vital this secret is.

In fact, this secret could literally save millions of innocent American lives...

Or spell near-certain death for thousands of families.

Please don’t think I say this to scare you; this is reality.

The worst part is...

We’ve made it easy for them to lie to us.

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You and I have been ignoring the fact our loved ones are in grave danger. Pretending this “President” isn’t ruining our country, military and economy. Pretending it’ll just “blow over.”

But you’ve had that sinking feeling...

You know there is something very wrong here.

I can relate to that.

It was tough for me to admit it, but our homeland is in a precarious position.

As hard as it is to imagine, our great nation could literally be wiped-out — by an enemy we don’t even have on the radar.

You see, right now our biggest threat isn’t the Taliban, Islamic radicals, North Korea or even a deadly disease from Africa.

Our biggest danger, is also something we can’t live without...

The sun could kill us.

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