Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Faculty Row: A Resource You Might LIke (I sort of do)

A message to all members of FacultyRow

Dear FacultyRow Members:

We hope you are enjoying our network and taking advantage of the resources to collaborate and share your knowledge through blogs and discussions, connecting with one another, staying on top of current events, and being the first to know about the newest job opportunities in the industry! We are extremely excited to have recently added FacultyWire as a place for our members to publish their work.

We are continuously striving to make the FacultyRow community your strongest network of resources, who best to tell us how to make it even stronger than you?

When you log-in, be sure to invite your peers using the friends-invite button the right side. For every five colleagues that become a member you receive a free travel airline voucher (see blog post for more details). Be sure to remind them to mention you when they join.

Warm Regards,

The FacultyRow Team


The Official Resource For Faculty

Visit FacultyRow at: http://www.facultyrow.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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