Thursday, October 20, 2011

If there were 2088 people named "Gym" I'd be more impressed

Jim --

On Monday at 3:17 p.m. Central Time, we crossed 1 million grassroots donors -- including you -- who now own a piece of this campaign.

Thanks for stepping up. No group of people will influence this race more than you already have or will. And you're the reason we'll be able to build an organization that's ready for the next million.

The first million you're a part of includes 37,873 donors in Pennsylvania, and 2,088 people named Jim.

But however you look at it, 1 million grassroots donors is a lot of people -- so the campaign put together an interactive way to show exactly what that looks like.

1,000,000 strong -- find out who we are.

Digging in, we saw what we already knew:

This is the most diverse grassroots group in politics today, and the people who are part of it tell the story of this campaign -- that anyone who wants to can take ownership of the political process, whether they can afford to chip in $5 or $500.

That is in drastic contrast to the way other campaigns are running their operations, planning to rely on millions of dollars from Washington lobbyists and other special interests.

And while 1 million grassroots donors is a huge accomplishment for any campaign, we're getting there in half the time it took in 2008.

Both should be points of pride for us as we celebrate this milestone, and they send a strong message: No one should underestimate this group.

Find out what 1 million looks like, and where you fit in:



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. -- As the President said on Monday, there is only one first million. Show your pride with an exclusive 2012 "One in a Million" T-shirt from our online store.

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