Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An HR training camp on offer in Orlando

December 5-7, 2011 - Orlando, FL


At HR Training Camp, we bring together some of the country’s best HR and legal experts to go over the most pressing topics—topics that not only pose the biggest threats to your company but that may also be holding you back.

If you’ve already had any sort of HR trouble, then you already know how important it is to arm yourself with the right knowledge and the right management techniques to minimize and neutralize the hit to your company.

If you haven’t experienced this kind of trouble yet, come learn from the experiences of others at this seminar, before you’re learning about it the hard way—firsthand in your office.

If you want to keep moving forward, then don’t let yourself get caught in the usual HR pitfalls. This three-day accredited course is the best way to get the essentials you need in a short amount of time—saving you time and money, while giving you crucial information that will ultimately make your company more efficient and productive, less wasteful, less open to risk, and more successful and profitable.

Protect yourself and your organization with a better understanding of important topics, such as:

* How do upper executives view HR? How does their mindset affect your job?
* What obstacles are you creating for yourself? How can you remove them and move forward?
* What do employees really value?
* Is an employee’s first day too early to start thinking about and working on retention and productivity? How Day One sets the tone for your employee’s career.
* What can you do to keep substance abuse issues from creating a toxic workplace?
* How has employment law changed, and what do you specifically need to know? What does the future of employment law hold?
* Draw upon the experiences of your HR colleagues and instructors.
* Do you know the decision making skills that will help you avoid litigation?
* How can you proactively and successfully present your HR issues to management using cutting edge metrics and benchmarking tools?
* What are the best guidelines for interviewing, hiring, coaching, disciplining and discharging employees to reduce your liability risks, minimize costs, and maximize output?
* Take home practical HR information to apply immediately back in your workplace.

Don't wait for an HR catastrophe to occur. Arm your HR team with the techniques and strategies to protect your company from lawsuits, claims, or other HR Pitfalls. Register today!

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