Friday, October 28, 2011

Lucky us: Charlie Sheen returns to TV

It seems that the media must always have some celebrity --- or maybe a small handful --- whom they work relentlessly. Once upon my lifetime it was Liz Taylor. A little later, it became Princess Diana. You couldn't stand in line at the supermarket, without seeing the celeb-of-the-moment's mug on a dozen magazines and tabloids. Brittany Spears was in that spotlight, and more recently Angelina Jolie.

With male celebrities, it's more likely the nut-of-the-month club, e.g., Mad Max, aka Mel Gibson.

And, of course, Charlie.

Speaking simply for myself, I'd gladly contribute a few bucks to a retirement fund, if Sheen would agree to vanish into a gated community someplace, never to be seen again.

But, then, I guess the info-tainment media would just shove somebody else's ubiquitous mug in my face.

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