Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Whether the rock hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the rocks, it's going to go badly for the pitcher.

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University of Utah researchers proclaim that the human face evolved to handle being hit by a fist.

I am always amused by movies in which the actors, especially the stars, take multiple punches without any terrible effects.  How often do they spit out teeth?  The classic example is the finale fight scene in "The Quiet Man."

Reality, in my experience, is rather different.  Most fights I've witnessed were over after a punch or two.  One guy lost his front teeth, had a broken nose gushing blood, or was otherwise seriously incapacitated… and that was that.

I suspect that much gun play in this country derives from the same misconception of how ugly and damaging a few seconds of violence can be.  Putting aside the outright nuts, like the couple who shot the cops yesterday, many young men fail to realize where their violent tendencies and bravura will land them… dead or in prison.
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