Thursday, June 12, 2014

What to do about Iqaq?

English: Pie chart of world oil reserves by region
English: Pie chart of world oil reserves by region (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charles Krauthammer, among others, has argued that-- whether you think we should ever have gone into Iraq in the first place (I don't ) or not -- having expended lives and money there, the US should have held onto this enclave in the Middle East.  I expect he and others will now argue for rescuing the regime if it can't hold off the new radical insurgency.  I disagree.

There are two reasons to be in the Middle East.  The first is Israel.  I am for defending Israel up to, but not including, nuclear war.  

The second is oil.  We have the unprecedented opportunity in North America to be energy independent, thanks to:

1.  The natural gas bonanza from  fracking.
2.  The oil sands of Western Canada, if Obama only has the brains and moral fortitude to build the pipeline.
3.  Our vast coal reserves which, yes, we should burn as ecologically friendly as possible, but, yes, we should mine and burn it.
4.  We have vast offshore oil reserves we have never exploited.
5. Add in nuclear, wind and solar, all of which the government should be promoting and funding, and we can kiss goodbye, at long last, to Mid-East Oil and the tyrants who sell it to us.

That being said, we should stay away from Iraq.  Let's keep doing what we did so well again yesterday in Northern Pakistan… dropping drones on their fanatical heads.  And let the Israelis bomb the p*** out of Iran.

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