Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Israeli approach: beef up security and be mentally prepared

Mohamed Atta al-Sayed, an Egyptian who led the...
Mohamed Atta al-Sayed, an Egyptian who led the September 11 attacks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The heroism of the student worker who pepper sprayed the Seattle killer exemplifies how effective trained security personnel and an alert citizenry can be.

I've seen with my own eyes how well it works in Tel Aviv… and it need not be terribly intrusive, either.

We need to make more Americans grasp that the unthinkable can happen to them.  Recall the 9/11 attacks.  Why did the passengers on only one of the four planes fight back?  Because they had been informed by friends and family via mobile phones of the preceding attacks.  They knew what they faced.  The folks on the other three planes were taken by surprise because they assumed the hijackers would behave like "normal" hijackers and all would turn out well.

Training and mental readiness...

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