Friday, June 20, 2014

Matt Lauer should be ashamed.

Self-portrait Nikolaus Lauer with his daughter...
Self-portrait Nikolaus Lauer with his daughter Regina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Considering what his net worth must be by now, he should have resigned before participating in this morning's report.  What report, you wonder?

The report concerns parents whose babies have died because they forgot the children where in the back seats of their cars.  One guy facing prison was taking his turn at dropping the child off at day care.  He forgot the baby was in the back seat, went to work, and left his child to die in 90-degree heat.

Is it shameful to report on this phenomenon? No.  The shameful part is the "tips" Lauer and his co-anchor gave for parents who might make the same blunder.

Number one, put the diaper bag on the front seat to remind you your child is in the back.

Number two, put your phone on the back seat.  Because while you might forget that your child is back there, you would never, ever forget your f***ing phone, now would you?

Laugh or cry?  I can't make up my mind. "Vut a country!"

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