Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz agrees that the wealthy ought to pay higher taxes

That's just one obvious aspect of the solution to America's economic problems.  Another is energy independence.  Instead of throwing good money after bad in Iraq, the Obama Administration should be investing here at home.  Yes, Obama is right to want to burn coal more cleanly.  But mine it and burn it we must.  And we must foster safer fracking technologies... but frack we must.  And we need to build that pipeline... and exploit our oil reserves offshore and in the arctic.

These are some of the obvious solutions at our fingertips, if only we will reach out and grasp them.

Here's one more, Mr. Obama and colleagues:  Invest more in public and not-for-profit higher education and put a stop to the for-profits' scheme of churning students (or should I say customers) and turning federal loan money into corporate profits, while taxpayers pick up the defaults created by failed would-be students lured into the for-profit-college sector.

To me, these are just a few of the obvious solutions available, if only we had the national will to act on them.

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