Friday, May 16, 2014

Professor Eli Karmon on the strategic significance of Syria's chemical warfare

Terra Sancta Building (Jerusalem, Israel)
Terra Sancta Building (Jerusalem, Israel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Strategic Significance of Syria Regime’s Chemical Attacks (Jan. – Apr. 2014)

After the deadly chemical attack in Ghouta, last August 2013, the Syrian government agreed to destroy all of its chemical weapons. Even though by April 2014, 92,5% of Syria's chemical arsenal had been destroyed and as Syria approaches the end of the chemical arms removal program, the world has witnessed a sudden resurgence of chemical strikes, with a marked hike last April. This report summarizes the latest chemical attacks and concludes that the Assad regime is using chemical terror to advance its military goals, becoming a state we can define as a non-conventional terrorist actor.

Please see my article, co-authored with ICT Research Assistant Alexandra David, at my Times of Israel blog:

A full version of this article is forthcoming next week on ICT's new website.

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