Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An outstanding teacher throws her hat in the ring in the Sunshine State… and she's fighting for higher teacher pay... this from my former Provost and old friend, Dr. Phyllis Frakt

Today is National Teacher Day.  As we finish the school year, it is a well-deserved time to celebrate our teachers for all of the hard work they do and all of the extra time they put in.  As a teacher, I’ve been fortunate to be recognized and won awards; but I judge my success on every student whose life I impact. Today I hope you’ll take a moment to recognize the teachers who have made an impact in your life.
My mother was that inspiration to me.  She was a working mother who worked all day, and studied at night to become a teacher because she believed in the difference a good education can make.  That’s why I serve on my daughter’s school’s PTA and why I teach in the classroom myself. 
But unfortunately Tallahassee’s got it all wrong.  Florida is ranked 44th in classroom teacher pay, and instead of supporting our teachers, Tallahassee politicians have gutted education funding.  It’s the wrong approach, and it has to change.  We should be responsibly investing in education, preventing teacher layoffs, protecting smaller class sizes, increasing teacher pay, and protecting sports, art, and music programs.  
We should celebrate teachers today and every day. Our teachers go above and beyond the call of duty as often they stay after school, pay for their own supplies, and help students one-on-one. 
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