Friday, September 20, 2013

Tell Congressmen to start representing the people

English: Official portrait of US Rep. Pat Meehan
English: Official portrait of US Rep. Pat Meehan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Organizing for Action
Jim --

Too many politicians in Washington have forgotten that they were elected to represent their constituents -- not just to play some political game of chess.

Right now, with 11 days to go to avoid a government shutdown, a group of House Republicans is refusing to pass a budget unless it defunds Obamacare, too. They're throwing a political tantrum -- and they are willing to sabotage the economy to get their way.

Today, Americans across the country are simply asking their member of Congress where they stand.

Twitter is a quick, and public, way to do just that -- tweet right now and ask Representative Pat Meehan: Are you standing with the people willing to shut down the government or are you working to pass a budget?

If this group of House Republicans gets their way and forces a government shutdown, the effects would be jarring.

They'd risk delaying military pay, new Social Security benefits and student loans, and that's just part of it.

They'd do all that just to try (again) to get rid of Obamacare -- something they've done more than 40 times. (I admit that I lose count sometimes.)

You deserve to know which side Rep. Meehan is on.

Tweet at Rep. Meehan now and ask him what's more important: passing a budget or defunding Obamacare:

Thanks for taking action,


Nico Probst
Director of Special Projects
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- If you're not on Twitter, signing up only takes a minute. It's an easy way to speak out and get heard. Or, if Facebook is more your style, you can make sure your friends know what some members of Congress are trying to do right now.

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