Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's reduce our reliance on foreign energy... and maybe we could ignore Syria.

Dear Jim Castagnera:

American-made natural gas is creating jobs, growing our economy, lowering our energy bills, and strengthening our energy security.

Sign our petition to make sure this natural gas boom isn't derailed by misguided energy policies.

President Obama said "we should strengthen our position as the top natural gas producer" and it is up to us to hold him to that promise.

Unfortunately, U.S. energy development is threatened by politicians who want to tie up energy producers with regulations and place huge areas off-limits to energy exploration. These policies will destroy jobs, hurt our economy, and make us more dependent on foreign energy suppliers.

Stand up for American energy by signing our petition!

Americans like you need to speak up for U.S. energy production. Unless our voices are heard, the American oil and natural gas boom will be stifled by anti-development policies. We can't afford to see this happen.

Natural gas is doing great things for America. Keep the energy boom going by having your voice heard!


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