Friday, September 20, 2013

Energy Independence Is Within Our Reach

Dear Jim Castagnera:
For decades, our nation has been trying to reduce our reliance on foreign energy. Today, thanks to a huge increase in natural gas production, we’re on the path towards energy independence.
We need your help to ensure regulations or partisan politics doesn’t get in the way.
The shale gas boom has been a game changer for our economy and communities throughout the country.  Areas that had been struggling for decades are now thriving thanks to natural gas production. People have jobs again, economies are growing, and tax revenue is up.
What does this shale gas boom mean for America?
  • Over the last five years, U.S. natural gas production has increased by 25%.
  • In 2011, the oil and natural gas industry supported 9.8 million jobs, an increase of 600,000 in just two years.
  • Americans are saving an average of $926 on their natural gas bills thanks to increased production.
  • More energy produced here reduces our reliance on other nations for the energy we need.
Energy Citizens

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