Thursday, September 5, 2013

SEIU campaign continues


Dear James,
Last month, I asked you to help me take on Walmart and you said you were ready. Walmart fired me and nearly 80 other workers because we spoke out for more hours, decent wages and respect at work. We're not backing down, but we need you to help amplify our message.
Tomorrow, September 5, we're turning up the volume so Walmart executives can no longer drown out our demand for respect. Can I count on you to help?
The average Walmart worker makes $16,000 in a year, which is about as much as the chairman of the Walmart Board, Rob Walton, earns in Walmart dividends every three minutes. Walmart can afford to pay living wages and give its workers a safe, respectful workplace.
There are a few easy ways to show Walmart that you support our calls for a fair wage and the right to form a union, and we need your voice more than ever.
In solidarity,
Brandon Garrett
OUR Walmart member
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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