Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lincoln and Obama: Talented Amateurs in the White House

Obama-Lincoln Portrait
Obama-Lincoln Portrait (Photo credit: nathangibbs)
Recently I published a review of the film "Lincoln."

So impressed was I with Spielberg's film that my wife  gave me Goodwin's "Team of Rivals," one of the sources on which Spielberg drew.

It's a big read.  I ventured into it last night.  On page 27 I found this:

"There was little to lead one to suppose that Abraham Lincoln,... who scarcely had a national reputation,... who had served but a single term in Congress, twice lost bids for the Senate, and had no administrative experience whatsoever, would become the greatest historical figure of the nineteenth century."

Consider, then, that Barack Obama went from the Illinois State Legislature into the Senate --- after having lost a bid for the House of Representatives --- and just four years later was elected president.

Two attorneys --- virtually amateur statesmen--- from Illinois, 150 years apart... and at crtical times in their nation's history.

Will Obama rise to greatness, like Lincoln?

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