Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keynoter announced for SVA Confab

Jake Wood to Speak at SVA Awards Ceremony
Since its creation in January 2010, Team Rubicon has saved and helped thousands of lives - in Haiti, Chile, Burma, Pakistan, Sudan, and in the United States, most recently on the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Student Veterans of America is honored to have Team Rubicon's president, Jake Wood, speak on January 5, the third day of our 2013 National Conference in Orlando, Fl.

Co-founded by Wood after the Haitian earthquake, this grassroots organization brings the skills, experience, and passion to serve of military veterans to disaster relief. Not only is their work critical to disaster response, but also to the veterans themselves, many of whom find a "renewed sense of purpose" through working with Team Rubicon.

Wood graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a double major in Business and Political Science. He honorably served four years in the United States Marine Corps, deploying to Iraq in 2007 as an infantry squad leader and to Afghanistan in 2008 as a Scout-Sniper.

Wood and Team Rubicon have been profiled in numerous media outlets such as Forbes, Newsweek, and CNN.

To hear more from Jake Wood, register for our 2013 National Conference here:

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