Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why the name change?

When I started this Blog some nine months ago, I had just begun work on a new book, intended to deal with terrorist trials from 1993 to the present. That book's publication date was pushed back a year by the publisher (to 2010), and now is delayed again. Meanwhile, the topics covered by this Blog have been much broader than just terrorism, or even just Homeland Security.

As for me, while Homeland Security studies and terrorism are recent interests... represented most notably by my 2009 book:

and my 2011 novel:

my much deeper background lies in higher education, see, e.g., my 2010 book:

and employment law:

Consequently, it only seemed appropriate to me to rename the Blog to reflect both the breadth of is foci and my own much broader professional background.

The growing number of daily visitors is gratifying. I hope you continue to drop by and enjoy.

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