Monday, April 25, 2011

More on the dumb ways bad guys get caught

Last week I posted the stories of (1) a gang member who got nabbed for a "cold crime" because he had the crime scene tattooed on his chest, and (2) a Portuguese fugitive who got caught in New Jersey when he was pulled over for driving the the car-pool late without the requisite passengers in his car. I noted that Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber got caught because his getaway car lacked a license plate, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombers were arrested after one ofem repeatedly tried to collect the deposit on the van they blew up, claiming to the rental agency it had been stolen.

Today I offer, from the FBI's Infragard Infrastructure Daily News, a similar tale of ineptitude:

10. April 22, San Jose Mercury News – (California) South Bay 'Black Binder Bandit' suspect nabbed. The sale of a getaway car to a junkyard led to the arrest of a San Jose, Califronia man suspected in at least a half-dozen South Bay bank robberies, authorities said April 21. The alleged" Black Binder Bandit," pleaded not guilty this week in Santa Clara County Superior Court after being arrested April 15. The robberies occurred at four San Jose banks, one in Santa Cruz and two in Los Gatos from November 2010 to February 2011. In each, authorities said, a man in his 40s reached into a black binder and handed the teller a note that demanded money. The breakthrough came in the last robbery, February 25 at the Comerica Bank on North Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos, police said. It was then that an alert witness got the license number of the getaway car, a blue Volvo with Colorado plates, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police said. Then early last week, California Department of Motor Vehicles officials told detectives the car had been sold to a wrecking yard in San Jose. The suspect was identified as the previous owner. Police said that in searching the suspect's home, on Highland Court, they found evidence implicating him in the robberies. Witnesses from the San Jose and Los Gatos robberies also confirmed his identity from photo lineups. Source: ci_17905629?source=rss&nclick_check=1

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