Thursday, April 28, 2011

A DVD on "Sink or Swim" Teamwork

Sink or Swim Teamwork: We're All in This Together DVD + Bonuses

What makes an organization successful?

Every organization can trace its success to the fundamental concept of teamwork. Yet not everyone knows how to be a team player. Our best selling video can help, Sink or Swim Teamwork: We're All in This Together.

Show this video to your team (especially your problem employees) and they will learn how to:

* Self-manage tasks that contribute to the team
* Work with others using the CLING method
* Cooperate—no matter if it's a big assignment or just a routine task
* Apply 4 easy principles for becoming a better team player
* Employ simple communication techniques that build respect and trust among team members

This short, concise, 17-minute video is ideal to show before a staff meeting or at in-house training sessions. Some of our customers have added this video to their employee orientation program to emphasize to new employees the importance they place on teamwork.

Throw your team a lifeline—order your copy of Sink or Swim Teamwork: We're All in This Together—today—and receive 2 valuable bonuses:

Bonus # 1

The 47-page Special Report, Teamwork: Proven Solutions to Frustrating Problems, is not a bunch of theories or buzzwords. This book is full of practical, proven solutions to dozens of the most frequently asked questions by our readers.

* "How do we help a team member who is having personal problems?"
* "How do I prevent a team member from hoarding important information?"
* "How can we overcome the bad feelings that come from downsizing?"
* "What can I do with an employee that doesn't fit in?"
* "What are some strategies to get my team to give a little extra effort?"

We usually sell this Special Report for $25, but it's yours when you order the video.

Bonus # 2

The 44-page tip book, 50 Powerful Teamwork Tips for Employees, is packed with tips that will show employees how to:

* Build team spirit
* Set team goals
* Take training seriously
* Support other team members
* Increase productivity.

This book usually sells for $12.50, but we'll throw it in when you order the video.

You will want copies of the bonuses for every person on your staff. Keep in mind that both of these resources can be copied and distributed to your staff, with no licensing fees.

As always, you may preview any of our training materials for 30 days and return them, with no obligation, if they do not suit your needs.

For more information or to order visit or call 1-800-791-8699.

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