Saturday, April 23, 2011

Only in America: Town outlaws rotating barber poles

So much for the Wild West:

For years, spinning red, white and blue poles could always be spotted outside neighborhood barbershops.
But in the city of Thornton, the poles may soon be little more than quaint artifacts in antique shops.
Brian Thornton, who is opening Brian's Barbers in Thornton, said he tried to erect a barber pole in front of his store, but the city's sign codes say he can't.
"The actual pole in this feast-or-famine business is a small thing, but it gets traditional customers through the door," said Thornton, who also owns Thornton Family Barbershop. "When you see that pole, you get the message out there that you can get a great haircut here."
Thornton's sign code bans new signs that move mechanically, which would include revolving barber poles.
"It is related to public safety," said Robin Brown, a senior analyst with the City Development Department. "We don't want signs to be distracting, especially to motorists."
Barber poles that don't rotate are fine under the code, Brown said

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