Thursday, April 28, 2011

Castagenra and Cihon on Employment and Labor Law

Lexis/Nexis lists our book among the best in employment law

Employment Law: Top Publishers and Authors
Employment law is the branch of jurisprudence that deals with workplace health and safety standards, compensation, benefits and equal opportunity in the workplace. Outlined below are some of the top-selling publishers and authors of employment law books.
South-Western "Legal Studies in Business Academic Series"
This popular series from South-Western College and West Publishing offers several employment law titles that are considered essential texts for law students. Relevant titles in this series include "Employment and Labor Law" by Patrick J. Cihon and James Ottavio Castagnera, "Labor and Employment Law: Texts and Cases" by David P. Twomey and "Employment Law for Human Resource Practice" by David J. Walsh.

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