Saturday, April 23, 2011

A weird proposal for "environmental justice"

Environmental Justice: Coming to a Law Near You By Susan Brown | April 20th, 2011 | Comments: 28
The United Nations’ (UN) current plan to discuss a treaty proposal granting more rights to “mother earth” than humans is nothing more than an elaborate attempt to re-market the climate change program in a neatly wrapped package called “environmental justice.”

Paul Zanetti / Australia (view more cartoons)
The UN proposal, drafted by Bolivian socialist president Evo Morales (the same guy who claims that eating chicken causes male baldness and homosexuality), is similar to a new Bolivian law which elevates trees, animals, insects and “living things” to the same level as humans. Raised to this new level, mother earth and her “living things” would be assigned an authorized representative to hear complaints brought on their behalf and would have the right to seek financial compensation for damages.
All bug-stomping humans beware: Morales’ proposal does not stop at financial compensation but goes a step further to execute judgment upon the guilty by organizing a “tribunal for climate justice.”

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