Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The strange business on our southern border

English: Map of Central America by the CIA Wor...
English: Map of Central America by the CIA World Factbook Español: Mapa de Centroamérica en el CIA World Factbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
50,000 minors from Central America… why now?  Some point to a bill signed by Bush during his presidency, requiring among other things that unaccompanied minors from nations not bordering the US be given deportation hearings before being sent back.  That set the stage.  But why the sudden influx now?  I have yet to see or hear a coherent explanation in the media.  Color me a conspiracy theorist, if you will, but something is rotten in the state of Texas, Horatio.

What should be done?  Obama is asking for two billion bucks from Congress the process these kids, the aim allegedly to deport many of them.  Meanwhile, those with family in the states are being relocated with them.  Hearings may take up two years to happen.  Do you begin to smell a fish?

How about a change in the law that says, "Back you go now"?  How soon do you think the flood would become a trickle if the youths turned up back in their villages 30 days after leaving home?

Are they our problem? Emphatically NO.  They are the children of failed states, nations that have disproportionately distributed wealth for centuries… nations that have flaunted human rights for centuries… nations which now need to be strongly nudged by their northern neighbor to accomplish the reforms that will make life livable for their citizens.

The United States should not be the dumping ground for the world's excess population or even for those fleeing failed states.  We have profound problems of our own: the national debt; chronic unemployment; crumbling infrastructure; decimated manufacturing; threatened civil liberties; unequal wealth distribution that begins to rival the states from which these kids come.

Obama is right that we need decisive action now.  His solution is too little and too late.  Perhaps some Congressmen have better ideas?  Let's hope so.

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