Monday, July 21, 2014

Are American workers paying the freight to ship their own jobs overseas? You be the judge.

Tell Senate Republicans to bring American jobs home now
True or false: American workers are footing the bill for shipping their own jobs overseas.
Believe it or not, this is true.
For too long, companies that outsource American jobs have been allowed to write off their costs of shipping jobs overseas.
It's an outrageous practice and it's got to stop.
Sign our petition if you believe it's time for American tax dollars to stop helping huge corporations ship jobs overseas.
Next week, the U.S. Senate will be voting on the Bring Jobs Home Act, legislation that would eliminate some tax breaks companies take when they ship jobs overseas and instead give a tax credit to companies that bring jobs home.
We need to send a clear message to Republican Senators to focus on bringing more jobs into America, not sending them overseas.
It's time we saw "Made in America" again!
Sign the petition to help bring these jobs back home.
Peter Colavito
Director of Government Relations, SEIU

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