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HR & Higher Ed: My Law Books

The Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators is a practical tool, intended for administrators dealing with students in higher education, focusing principally on four-year institutions. Addressing the ever-developing relationship between higher education and the law, the book will provide the academic administrator with the means to knowledgably and confidently navigate the many legal threats and challenges facing colleges today. Using examples from real cases and scenarios from different institutions, the handbook provides sample policies, checklists, and advice that administrators can apply to a wide variety of situations, both preventatively and proactively. Also included are relevant 2008-09 amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and each chapter includes a section on the impact of the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008. The Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators is a compendium of practical knowledge and guidance, useful for any administrator dealing with the legal minefield that is higher education.

EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW is comprehensive introduction to employment and labor relations law. Case law excerpts throughout the book illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and get resolved in the courts, while chapter features like The Working Law and Ethical Dilemma demonstrate how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact companies today. Complete with the most up-to-date information on the ADA Amendments Act, ERISA Amendments under the Obama Administration's 2009 economic stimulus plan, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and much more, no other book combines such balanced coverage with an accessible, reader-friendly approach.

Employment Law Answer Book: Forms & Worksheets is designed to provide employers, human resources managers, lawyers, and professionals who need current information about employment law with a comprehensive set of tools to place the resolution of critical HR issues at their fingertips. The exhibits include sample HR policies, official government forms and guidelines, and checklists.
This practical resource is designed to be used along with Aspen's Employment Law Answer Book - The arrangement of the chapters in Forms & Worksheets follows closely that of the Answer Book.
Many of the exhibits are also available on the BONUS CD-ROM so that you may customize the forms and documents for your particular plan or company.

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This complete, fully indexed, and cross-referenced legal guide to termination of employment contains the laws, forms, case summaries, policies, and procedures that employers need to know. It includes federal laws and regulations; state-by-state coverage of statutes and court rulings; practice and procedure tips and guidance; plus forms, sample letters, and practice aids. Termination of Employment Report Bulletins, a monthly newsletter, accompanies this work and keeps you up to date on changes and interpretations of state and federal cases, policies, and procedures.


  • Contains tips on procedures that protect employers at every step of the employer/employee relationship
  • Includes strategies to block employee lawsuits before they start
  • Inspires confidence at every step—from prehiring to severance package—that actions conform to legal guidelines
  • Monthly newsletter keeps you up to date on all changes and interpretations resulting from recent state and federal cases
  • Specific content is easily accessed


This work shows how to effectively administer policies and handle human resources (HR) problems. It offers guidance on improving workforce quality and productivity, managing diversity, avoiding termination lawsuits in discharge procedures, dealing with telecommuting, e-mail, and Internet policies, achieving success with alternative dispute resolution, and dealing with substance abuse, smoking, and AIDS security issues.


  • Assures that you remain up to date on new developments in the workplace
  • Shows how to quickly and confidently administer HR policies and handle workforce problems

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