Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 Elections: The Court Decisions of June

John Roberts - Caricature
John Roberts - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
June 2012 will  be remembered both nationally and in my home state of Pennsylvania for important court decisions.  By and large I am pleased and encouraged by these courtroom outcomes:

1.  Obama care is constitutional... thank you, CJ Roberts

"WASHINGTON—Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Supreme Court's four liberals Thursday to uphold the linchpin of President Barack Obama's plan to expand health coverage to nearly all Americans, a surprise conclusion to a constitutional showdown."
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2. Arizona's immigration law is mostly unconstitutional, but an important piece survives... I liked Scalia's dissent better than the majority opinion

"WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court gutted most of Arizona’s tough new immigration law yesterday but left in place its most incendiary provision, which lets cops ask suspected illegal aliens to “show me your papers.”"

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3.  Sandusky is guilty... hopefully his cellmate will be the Tickle Monster

"Jerry Sandusky was alert but ashen as he stood at the defense table to hear his fate. His wife and several family members sat in the row directly behind him. As verdicts were read aloud on all 48 of the counts of deviant sexual abuse of young boys, Sandusky began to sway on his feet, his hands plunged into his pants pockets."

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4.  Philadelphia Archdiocese monsignor is also guilty... hope they don't let him run off to the Vatican for sanctuary

"A jury found Msgr. William J. Lynn, of Philadelphia, guilty on one count of endangerment stemming from allegations that he helped coverup the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. Lynn was acquitted of another count of endangerment and one count of conspiracy, the AP reports."

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