Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 2012 Elections: Does being rich entitle you to a Senate seat?

James Ottavio,
I just got the news. According to the Morning Call, “U.S Senate Candidate Tom Smith is readying his checkbook to gift his campaign another ‘substantial’ infusion of cash before the quarter ends on June 30th.”
And you better believe that money will go directly toward funding a barrage of false attacks against Bob Casey. After all, Smith not only donated to the slanderous “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” ad campaign in 2004 – he bragged that he has “been fighting that way for years.”
Smith has already dumped a whopping $5 million of his personal fortune into the race – and he’s aiming to spend $20 million to defeat Bob this fall. The scary part is, that goal is only one Tom Smith-check away from reality.
We’re facing down a critical FEC fundraising deadline on June 30th and we need to raise an additional $40,000 to reach our fundraising goal and give Bob the resources to fight back against any attacks that come his way.
Click here to make a contribution and ensure Bob is ready for the tough fight ahead – just $5 can make a big difference.
Thanks for all that you do. Together, I know we can make this campaign a success.
Mike Butler
Finance Director

The little fires, and a public that doesn’t get it…

June 25, 2012
Our democracy is broken, and the last thing in the world politicians want to do is fix it!
By Jack E. Lohman
Think about it. As long as the system remains broken, the political cash will flow. Fix it and the cash stops.

Sometimes no amount of money is enough:

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