Monday, September 1, 2014

A Labor Day message from writer Bob Livingston

And another from Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania:
James Ottavio,
Today we take time to remember and appreciate working men and women in Pennsylvania. In my time in the Senate, I have always focused on how I can better serve the hard-working middle-class families that elect me to represent them. While Pennsylvania has seen a lower unemployment rate in the last year, there are many challenges that confront working folks in our state. That’s why I’m asking you to help me elect the candidates that truly represent middle-class values and middle-class priorities.
This November, you have the power to move us forward. Our Commonwealth needs you to go out and vote for Democratic candidates across our state who know that working men and women are the backbone of our state and the driver of our economy.
Join me on Twitter and pledge to vote for champions of the middle-class this Labor Day.
Pennsylvania’s working families cannot make progress without your help. On this Labor Day, let us join together to ensure that in November, we’ll have more elected officials representing us who will stand up for and fight for the middle class.
Thank you, and happy Labor Day!

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