Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Senators met, failed to reach agreement on presidential nominees, as NLRB flounders

Jim -
Imagine if an entire 80-year-old agency of the U.S. government charged with protecting the rights of workers effectively ceased functioning.
This could be the world we live in soon--unless we fight back NOW.
Tomorrow, a minority of Senators are expected to block three nominations to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), preventing them from getting a fair up or down vote.
Write to your Senators today to insist they make Congress work for middle class families and confirm the President's nominations to the NLRB.
Sadly, the ramifications of this obstructionism - a non-functional NLRB - would be devastating on workers.
If the NLRB ceases to function, workers will have little recourse when they are illegally fired, union elections could be disregarded and reports of labor violations could fall on deaf ears.
Too much is at stake for workers to allow a small group of extremists to dismantle an institution that protects 80 million workers' rights.
Write your Senators and tell them to protect workers and our democratic process. Insist that they confirm all five members of the NLRB.
There is no excuse for a minority of Senators to have a stranglehold on executive nominations. The American people are just about fed up with Congress and this kind of gridlock and obstructionism doesn't help. We need a fully functioning NLRB.
In solidarity,

Peter Colavito

Director, Government Relations

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