Monday, July 22, 2013

Comments on the Zimmerman case from one of my MOOC students

Hi.  I wanted to let you know I am receiving your law and employment guide. There was an article in there that discussed the Trayvon Martin case. As one of your students, I eagerly awaited to see if you would write an editorial. I have even searched; I found nothing. So I guess I have to let you know my stance on this. I do not feel it was a race issue. I believe this was blown way out of proportion. In addition I truly believe the media and civil rights leaders will profit off of this as well. 

My heart reminds me of times when I was in middle school and high school. We all got in to fights. There is always something said before and after a fight. I believe Trayvon, although I was not there, said something to tick an already violent George Zimmerman off.  I say violent (because) according to his wife he was violent and she got a restraining order. In confusion and fear I believe George Zimmerman shot not with the intention to kill. I listened to the actual 911 tape. Zimmerman was wrong to follow Trayvon.

The racial make up of the jury has me wondering Professor. I am confused. Minorities from all walks were turned away from this case. Angela Corey did not pursue this case and I believe the prosecution dropped the ball. I so get Trayvon was a minor, yet from the pictures that were removed from his facebook page(yes, Professor, I searched them out, you know on the Internet you can find everything) it gave me the sense that this kid was in trouble. As an educator, I have witnessed this time and time again. He was suspended from school and there were so many other things that they did not talk about in the courtroom. This was not a reason for him to be killed, yet I would like to get a closer look at how this child lived before this happened. What was he involved in? I know to some this does not matter, yet to some of us it does.

I examined and researched the Stand Your Ground Law for Florida. Although this was not used by the defense, the law is clear. The governor of Florida made it clear in 2012 and 2013 that the law would be not amended or taken off the books. Florida has had this law on the books for ages and very few have been prosecuted under this law for murder. The FBI interviewed Zimmerman and the police who took his statement. No one stated he violated Martin's civil rights. I can not figure out where people are going with this. There is no double jeopardy and if the prosecution rests its case, it's over.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this case. 

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