Friday, April 19, 2013

Gun control failed in the Senate Thanks to Callous Republicans and Cowardly Democrats

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jim --

Yesterday, Republicans in Congress acted against nearly everyone on gun violence.

They acted against the 90 percent of Americans who demand expanded background checks. They acted against all those whose lives have been taken by gun violence.

But most of all, they acted against the Newtown families who painfully watched on from the gallery as Congress failed to take action on gun violence. This fight isn’t over. We will get this done – but we need your help.

Help us reach one million strong demanding action to stop gun violence: Click here to automatically add your name >>

The NRA leadership has had far too much influence our elected officials for far too long.

Let’s show the gun-lobby – and the Republicans that do their bidding – that we’re serious about ending gun violence, and we’re not going to give up anytime soon. Join this movement now:


Democratic Headquarters

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