Thursday, April 11, 2013

Endorse gun control here:

  Jim --
The Senate will vote TOMORROW on whether to take on gun violence.

But NRA-backed Republicans could sabotage a deal. That's because the NRA is making an all-out push to stop us before tomorrow's vote. Just today, they came out publicly against background checks -- and they're likely relaying that same message to Senate Republicans behind closed doors.

We need 200,000 strong telling Republicans to vote for the safety of our families, and for the families of those that have already been taken by gun violence. They deserve a vote:

24 HOURS LEFT: Click here to automatically sign our petition telling Republicans to pass gun violence reform >>

Jim, we can do this. If Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans believe an 'A' grade from the NRA is more important than our children, then we have to call them out.


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