Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chi-town fast-food workers on strike

Let them – and their employers – know you stand with them!
A few hours ago, I joined hundreds of minimum-wage fast food and retail workers in Chicago and went on strike.
What we're asking for is simple and fair: $15 an hour and the right to form a union without intimidation.
You can let us know you have our back by signing this petition in support: click here.
Like the Walmart workers who went on strike on Black Friday, and the New York fast food workers who walked off the job soon after, we're standing up to huge companies like Macy's, McDonald's, Wendy's and Victoria's Secret, many of which are raking in huge profits.
These companies can afford to pay their workers enough to cover the most basic needs like food, rent, healthcare and transportation.
It's outrageous. A national shame, and finally — today, right now — hundreds of us in Chicago are out in the streets and doing something about it. Join us with your signature here.
Paying fast food and retail workers a fair wage and giving us a right to organize without indimidation will not only improve our lives, it will improve Chicago’s economy by giving us the ability to buy the goods and services we need. Today is a huge and exciting step in the right direction.
Amie CrawfordIn Solidarity,
Amie Crawford
Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago Member
P.S.: Please forward this email on to 3 friends of yours who also stand with Chicago workers. Together, we can make a living wage a reality for all workers.


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