Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Faculty Row seeks to help Sandy victims

Dear Distinguished Members of FacultyRow & Super Professors:
I spent part of the last two weekends volunteering in the Oakwood section of Staten Island. I offered what I could, both emotionally and physically to some of the working class families hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. This experience was both taxing and extremely humbling at the same time. The damage is vast, it is real, and it is severe. 

Now:  It is YOUR turn to help provide expert knowledge, insight, and solutions for what lies ahead of this disaster as well as the events leading to the destruction.
We are assembling a Crowdsource forum with Distinguished Faculty & Super Professors for the Hurricane Sandy disaster. We are inviting academics from a variety of disciplines. Our core mission is to help the world understand the challenges posed by Sandy, how we can mitigate our risk and potentially avoid such damage going forward, provide insight and expectations for Sandy's aftermath, and formally propose solutions for future disasters of this kind.

Use the following link to learn how you can help:

Jeffrey Finder
FacultyRow Director

Visit FacultyRow at:

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