Monday, February 11, 2013

Improvement or only dilution?

English: Student protest on the premises of th...
English: Student protest on the premises of the University of Bamberg: (German) "Only Chuck Norris manages to achieve a bachelor's degree in scheduled time." Deutsch: Studentenprotest auf dem Gelände der Universität Bamberg: "Nur Chuck Norris schafft den Bachelor in Regelstudienzeit". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some are arguing that the Ph.D. dissertation should be done away with:

Others are proposing undergraduate programs in which the major is replaced by a collection of inter-related minors.

Some schools are now prepared to accord transfer credit to MOOCs.

For students who can't afford the traditional, four-year, residential bachelor's degree experience, piecing together a diploma may be the only alternative... and perhaps could be a good one.

If the grads get hired, online doctorates sans dissertation are bound to catch on.

When it all shakes out, ability will prevail, I suppose... provided able people are able to pry open that first door.

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