Sunday, April 6, 2014

SIgn on for sensible campaign contribution levels

Jim -- we don’t see your name, and really thought you’d want to be a part of this:

Since the Supreme Court knocked down federal aggregate donations limits on Wednesday, more than 80,000 supporters have stood up and demanded sensible campaign finance reform. Will you join them and add your name now?

Click here to automatically sign your name in support of sensible campaign finance reforms >>
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Jim --

This is no secret:

The Koch brothers and others like them want to buy elections. This week, the Supreme Court made that a whole lot easier.

In a 5-4 decision -- the 5 in the majority were Republican appointees -- the court struck down the limits on the total amount someone can give to all federal campaigns. This decision is already being called WORSE than Citizens United.

Jim, if we don't want our Democracy forked over to a handful of ultra-wealthy donors, we need to take action. Will you add your name now to help us reach 100,000 strong calling for a overhaul of campaign finance laws?

Click here to automatically add your name in support of sensible campaign finance reforms >>
There's no doubt that John Boehner jumped for joy when he heard this decision. This is clearly bad for Democrats, but it's also just flat out bad for our democracy.

This is a chance to stand up for what's right and fair. Add your name now to support sensible campaign finance reforms:


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