Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ryan never really had a mother, did he?

  Jim --
Paul Ryan has a serious case of amnesia.

He just announced yet another plan to take from Medicare and from seniors just so Republicans give massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy.

Since last week, over 300,000 people(!) have signed our petition telling Ryan to stay away from Medicare. Help us hit 500,000 by Friday to remind Ryan and the Republicans who won the election and what we stand for.

Click here to tell Paul Ryan to stay away from Medicare >>
If Ryan wins the budget fight, more seniors will lose access to health care and the middle class will continue to suffer. And what about the billionaires? More tax breaks.

We can't let Republicans pass this budget after we fought so hard to defeat them in the election.

Sign your name:


Brandon English
DCCC Digital Director

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