Monday, March 4, 2013

Higher Education is failing the nation

Higher education -- Remember young man, your f...
Higher education -- Remember young man, your first step in the REAL WORLD is just 8 feet ahead. Best of luck !!! ...item 2..Men and women both have different ways to get from A to B (2 May 2012) .. (Photo credit: marsmet471)
A Chronicle of Higher Education/Marketplace survey finds that half of employers queried had difficulty finding college graduates qualified for the jobs the firms needed to fill.  A third of those surveyed graded higher education fair to poor.

Universities exist because state governments either created them as public institutions on public lands, supported by public tax dollars.  Or they incorporated and licensed them as tax-free institutions that often received state aid.  All rely on federal tax dollars.

When the American people --- college students and college grads and their families --- carry a "mortgage" of $1 Trillion on their diplomas, higher education has failed its constituency and has failed the nation.

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