Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's with the Sam Al-Arian Case?

A hearing on Al-Arian's motion to dismiss criminal contempt charges lodged against the former USF Professor had been pending for what seemed like forever. It was supposed to occur on October 29th in a federal courtroom in Northern Virginia. But one day prior, the District Judge issued an order that, depending upon your level of paranoia, is either exemplary or suspicious in its brevity:
The government has filed a Notice, which scheduled a hearing
on October 29, 2010, in which it advises that it will move the
Court to deny defendant's Motion to Dismiss and grant a pending
government Motion for Reconsideration. The Court finds that a
hearing on these issues is not necessary. The parties have fully
briefed their positions and the Court is working on an opinion
which addresses all relevant issues. Accordingly, it is hereby
ORDERED that the hearing scheduled for October 29, 2010 be
and is cancelled.
The Clerk is directed to forward copies of this Order to
counsel of record, United States Pretrial Services, and the
United States Marshals Service.
l:08crl31 (LMB)
Entered this JIB day of October, 2010

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