Friday, November 12, 2010

Everybody wants to lower the national debt, but nobody wants to make any sacrifices

Thus, President Obama's commission on debt reduction seems doomed out of the gate. This from today's New York Times:
WASHINGTON — By putting deep spending cuts and substantial tax increases on the table, President Obama’s bipartisan debt-reduction commission has exposed fissures in both parties, underscoring the volatile nature and long odds of any attempt to address the nation’s long-term budget problems.
Among Democrats, liberals are in near revolt against the White House over the issue, even as substantive and political forces push Mr. Obama to attack chronic deficits in a serious way. At the same time, Republicans face intense pressure from their conservative base and the Tea Party movement to reject any deal that includes tax increases, leaving their leaders with little room to maneuver in any negotiation and at risk of being blamed by voters for not doing their part.

Have we become a nation of fat, self-centered whiners? Don't you just wonder?

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